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Abercrombie and Fitch Outlet Store

For people who are looking for affordable clothing that is still at the height of fashion, the abercrombie and fitch store is their one stop resource. Brand names like this one have a well earned reputation. People wear them because the name itself tells others that they have good taste and only want the best. In this Declining economy however, wanting to buy the best and being able or afford the best may be two entirely different things.

The Abercrombie and Fitch outlet store solves the problem for those feeling the impact of the economy or for people who want to look their best but simply can’t afford to pay off the rack prices that they may find in high end retail stores. That’s what outlet stores are all about.

So, how can the Abercrombie and Fitch outlet store afford to sell clothing at the kind of prices you find at outlet stores? Simple. The clothes you find at the Abercrombie and Fitch outlet stores are put their when their season is over. In other words, abercrombie outlet has come out with their new line and they send the line from the past season to the outlet store.

For some reason a lot of people are under the impression that clothing sold at outlet stores has a lower quality than clothing sold in retail stores. This simply isn’t true. The clothes you find in outlet stores are the very same clothes you find in any retail store. They are simply a season behind. They are made by the same manufacturer and were likely sold in the very retail store that people think is better than the outlet store.

So, if your friends want to spend twice the money that you do on your wardrobe, then don’t educate them about outlet stores. Let them spend their money as they will. It doesn’t mean you have to waste your money by buying clothing in retail stores instead of outlet stores. Why do that when you can have a great wardrobe and still have cash in your pocket for other things, like going out on the weekends to show off your high quality fashion sense.

Really, the smart thing to do is to go shopping at an outlet store to not only save money, but to get clothing for the whole family. Let everyone else spend their money where they want, but if you like keeping money in your pocket, then an outlet store is the perfect place for you.

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abercrombie and fitch
is an AMAZING store!! I really don't understand everyone's little stupid comments about how expensive or useless it is. If you really think about it, there are a million other stores that are WAY MORE EXPENSIVE than A&F. And all that talk about Abercrombie being racist is a lie, because I shop there almost every weekend and I've seen all types of different skin colored people. I myself am a hispanic girl and I love to wear Abercrombie and I know black, asian or any other non-white girls that wear it too.

Also, all that talk about the only models on the posters in the store being white is pathetic. You guys have to understand that the MAJORITY of customers that shop at abercrombie
ARE WHITE!! So of course their going to have white models on their posters, to attract their majority shoppers. That's like going to an ECKO or a BABY PHAT store and expecting to see white models on their ads rather than blacks!! Come on, use common sense.

All I know is that Abercrombie & Fitch is a terrific store, with good prices for their clothing. Saying that a pair of jeans cost 200 dollars is an outrage!! STOP STRECHING THE TRUTH!! Besides they have beautiful stylish clothes, that most of the people that criticize it would never be able to wear =]
"I once passed by a store called Abercrombie & Fitch, I fell in love with it and I shop there all the time, now ignorant people make fun of me because I'm preppy. What losers."

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Abercromie & Fitch results fall in August

abercrombie and fitch . said Thursday that its sales careened 29 percent in August, worse than expected as shoppers continued to scale back shopping amid the recession.

The 29 percent decline in sales at stores open at least a year was bigger than a decline of 23.9 percent expected by analysts surveyed by Thomson Reuters.

The measurement is an important retail performance indicator because it measures growth at existing locations rather than newly opened ones.

For the four weeks that ended Aug. 29, the teen retailer said results in all its divisions were worse than expected.

Sales at stores open at least a year at its eponymous abercrombie chain sank 26 percent, a deeper decline than analyst's expected 22.1 percent drop. The figure slid 26 percent at children's chain abercrombie, 32 percent at Hollister company, and 37 percent at Ruehl, a brand the company plans to shut by the end of the year. Analysts had expected sales at that store to fall 29.6 percent.

For the four week period, the New Albany, Ohio-based chain said its net sales declined 23 percent to $313.9 million, down from $405.5 million last year.

Abercrombie shares sank $1.29, or 4 percent, to $30.80 in premarket trading Thursday after closing Wednesday at $32.09.

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